Experienced, Personal Consulting

Experienced, Personal Consulting

Experienced, Personal ConsultingExperienced, Personal ConsultingExperienced, Personal Consulting

Sharing - Helpful - Information - For - Transition

Our Experience

After18 years of working in the Mental Health field both under the private sector and under the County Administrations, Leon Howard formed the company known as SHIFT Consulting & Courier Service, LLC (Sharing Helpful Information For Transition) in 2018. 

This company was formed with the purpose of helping people help themselves by implementing various methods in which one's social services needs can be met without prejudice and in accordance to the wishes of the client while staying within the guidelines of state & county laws.

Why Us?

SHIFT's approach towards one's social service needs are rather unique in that we look at the need as well as the timeline of the need. Priority is based on the timeline of the need more so than "who came to us first." With this said we take pride in looking at every aspect of the need before executing a plan of action. We communicate with the client and offer advocacy for the client if deemed appropriate. We provide transportation as needed and we journal every task & conversation conducted by time, date and incident for reference and review. Also we are proud members of the Better Business Bureau with an A rating.